General Manager Lin Zelian initiated and established the "Shantou University Business School Alumni Scholarship"


       On the afternoon of June 7, 2013, the first alumni scholarship award ceremony of the School of Business and the 17th Alumni Lecture Hall The library lecture hall was held. “Shantou University Business School Alumni Scholarship” was initiated and established by the enthusiastic alumni of the business school, Guo Shijie, Lin Chang, and Lin Zelian. At the same time, donated 200,000 yuan as a start-up fund to reward business school full-time students with excellent academic performance and family economic difficulties. Undergraduate students aim to encourage business school students to study hard, be proactive, and solve their learning and life difficulties. Business school alumni Guo Shijie, Lin Changwei, assistant to the headmaster of Shantou University, professor Xu Zongling, dean of the business school, director Zhu Lun, office of Shantou University alumni, secretary of the party branch of the business school Chen Yinglin, deputy secretary general of Baisheng University Education Foundation, Shantou The director of the Education Department of the University Student Affairs Department, Lin Lu Shui, attended the awards ceremony. The award ceremony was hosted by Cui Weiwei, the director of the Business School Alumni Office.