Luzhou Tour


        We finished all work in 2016, which will bring the beginning of 2017 to us. In today's economic environment, all staff are still able to maintain a positive work style in 2016. However, creating more opportunities for this big family is not easy. In order to thank everyone for their hard work over the past year, we have prepared an annual travel event. We chose Chenzhou, Hunan province, and then came, recalled and record this wonderful trip.

        On the first day, we come from Shenzhen with its temperature being 25to Chenzhou with its temperature being only 10 ,which cost us 2 hours. The friends are wrapped in their own cotton coat, feel the coolness of winter. The tour guide was a little girl named "Happy". She first took us to a boutique inn called "That Year". Colleagues were crazy to take pictures of that super beautiful and exquisite inn.

        Have you ever heard about Dongjiang Lake Lake in Chenzhou?  We went to the Small Dongjiang East Coast Line for a ride to get a close look at the Small Dongjiang River. With only a group of people, one car, we rode and played.

        See this tunnel hole? Our eyes felt uncomfortable when we just rode in. There was nothing but darkness, which brought us a feeling of taking a ghost film. We had a lot of fun there, scared each other. After riding for a while, I still couldn't see the end. The leader said that the length of the tunnel is 900 meters, which is very surprising. There was laughter and screams along the way, and it was fun.

        The water of small Dongjiang Lake is not crystal clear, but dark green, very clean. On both sides of the road, I was covered with raspberries that I had eaten since I was a child. It was sour and sweet, and the memories were full.


 Look at our small team of Evergreen, we have reached the end of today's ride, so beautiful photo is necessary.

        We had sports for an afternoon, tasted the delicious Dongjiang Lake freshwater salmon, and then return to the inn to rest and enjoy the inns courtyard beauty. There are also handsome singers, so we put ourselves into music, and drank a small glass of wine, talking about the mood. Everything was so perfect.


        The next day and the third day we spent time in the Mountain, Chenzhou National 4A Scenic Area. 

 Mang Mountain: strange moutains, lucid waters, beautiful forests, freaking stones.  We took the  green car to the Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area, and here is the highlight of the majestic and sinister landscape of the Mangshan Mountain, whose name is The most dangerous in Central South China. Half an hour's drive plus half an hour of hiking trails, we came to the Tiantai Mountain Observation Deck. The weather in Mang Mountain is very strange. It is rainy at the foot of the mountain. The mountaintop is really sunny. Although we had some asthma, but we were conquered by the beauty. The sea of clouds floats, surrounded by mountains, is it a fairyland? No, we are already intoxicated.

 At the end of the day, we came to the Mang Mountain Forest Hot Spring Hotel to experience the domineering of a five-star hotel. The service attitude is indeed excellent. The most memorable is the hotel's hot spring area. There are not many people. There are many kinds of hot springs, such as wine pool, milk pool, fragrant tea pool, beauty pool, etc. The water temperature is appropriate. Colleagues in the hot spring pool are playing together, and the fatigue of the day fades. I believe that I can sleep well tonight.  

 On the third day, we entered the park twice. The Guizi Village and the Monkey King Village in Mang Mountain are waiting for us to start the journey of the last day.