2017 Treasure Island Taiwan Tour


When I was a child, nostalgia was a small stamp. I was here and my mother was there.

When I grow up, nostalgia is a narrow ticket. I'm here and the bride is there.

Nowadays, nostalgia is a shallow strait. I am here and the mainland is there.

                                                 ————The homesickness written by Mr. Yu

        Nostalgia, written by the famous poet Yu Guangzhong, still touches countless people today. But nowadays, the nostalgia of the people on both sides of the Straits is no longer nostalgia of separation sorrow, but a lingering nostalgia mixed with national sorrow, deeper cultural and historical nostalgia.

        In 2017, Evergreen has stepped up to a new level through the joint efforts of all its colleagues, and its performance has increased rapidly. It has become a well-known enterprise in the industry. To reward the hard-working employees, the company arranged a trip to beautiful Taiwan.

Taiwan's tallest building: Taipei landmarks101

Taiwan Night Market

Animation Spirited Away: Jiufen Mountain City

Sky Lanterns in Pingxi

Taiwan Aboriginal Atayal Tribe Life Experience

 Yehliu Geopark

 Freshwater River Yacht Dinner